Trion Air Boss M6000 Media-Based Air Cleaner

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The Trion Air Boss M6000 is a fully customizable heavy duty industrial media based air cleaner.  The big brother of the M3000, the M6000 has twice the filtration!  The TWO thick 4" prefilter removes large particles, followed by TWO 30", 10 Pocket, 95% Primary Filter to capture fine particles.  The large Standard 5HP TEFC Motor uses 208V-230V-460V-575V, 3 Phase power, and will require a motor starter and disconnect.  This motor easily tackles general ambient air cleaning or source capture with the optional Plenum!  If you want even more air cleaning power, upgrade to the 7.5HP Motor, but hearing protection will be needed as the dBA reach into the 80s.  Choose either a straight pass through design, or side discharge to create a right angle airflow pattern.  The Trion Air Boss M6000 can fit into auto repair shops, welding shops, woodworking, job shops, production part fabrication of a variety of materials or anywhere else that enjoys the ease of media based air cleaning.  Simply toss out the old loaded filters and replace with new ones!  Ideally, the inexpensive prefilters should be replaced roughly 4 times as often as the multi-pocket Primary Bag Filter.

Customization - Motor options include a 7.5HP, TEFC Blower.  Add a plenum with a 20" diameter collar and ductwork to capture contaminant at multiple sources as it's being released.  The contaminant abatement options are endless - Add Aluminum Mesh Prefilters or Impingers, Mist Filter Bags, and a Drain Fitting for wet processes.  If odors and gases are your problem, use TWO 22", 95% Primary Filter, and add FOUR 25 pound Activated Carbon Modules (100lbs Total)!  If OSHA requires HEPA Filtration, use the 22", 95% Primary Filters, and add TWO 24"x 24"x 12" HEPA Filters.  The factory installed Silencer is a great option to reduce noise level in your work environment and keep your employees happy!

When weighing your options between media based and electrostatic air cleaning, there are a few important factors to consider.  First, is your contaminant an insulator? If you are collecting plastic, rubber, wood, etc (Dust); you will need to use media based.  Second, if you cannot or will not spend time cleaning metal collection cells, use media based.  If you are primarily concerned with gaseous contaminants, you will benefit from the guaranteed efficiency rates of media based air cleaners.  On the other hand, if smoke/dust/mist particles are your main concern, you want your on-going expense as low as possible, and cleaning aluminum filters and cells is an easy task; check out the T1300, T2600, and T5200.  


  • Straight Through or Side Discharge — Exhaust air can be directed where you want it.
  • Odor and High Efficiency Filters — From HEPA and adsorber modules to mini-pleat filters (388 Sq. Ft.) for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Belt Driven Blower with Variable Pitch Sheave — Providing adjustment for Precise CFM operating range.
  • Collects Wet or Dry Particulates — Providing versatility in a wide range of applications.

Standard Unit

2 each 4" Pleated Pre-filter; 2 each 138 sq.ft. 95% Bag Filter; 5 HP TEFC Motor; 208-230V//60Hz/3Ph, straight pass through. 16 ga. Galvanized steel cabinet with blue epoxy powder paint; belt driven blower with sealed ball bearings; side access filter door and blower panel; liquid drain sump in cabinet; pre-wired electrical junction box. Motor starter and disconnect not included

***Please Call 843.906.7302 to Customize YOUR Trion Air Boss M-Series System! Odor Modules, Drainage Systems, Plenums, and Silencers must be added at the factory.***

-Application must be discussed prior to shipment. Contaminant, configuration, airflow, and design must be confirmed to ensure proper results.