COVID-19 Air Purifiers

2020 has brought the reality of airborne infectious disease to every human on the planet. Countries across the world have developed varying plans, protocols, restrictions, and solutions to handle the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Social distancing, cleanliness, and face masks are unanimously agreed upon. In the United States, the CDC, FDA, and EPC outline best practices.

Creating the ideal indoor environment poses serious challenges for facilities managers. The leading air cleaning techniques include introducing outside air, HEPA filtration, and UVC sterilization.  Simply “upgrading” a heating and air system with these tools is typically not an easy option. Adding a HEPA filter can damage an HVAC system and drastically reduce the delivered airflow if the system was designed to use a MERV 8 or 11 filter.  Connecting outside air or adding additional outside air to an existing HVAC system may not be possible or it may significantly change its performance. This is especially true with summer or winter temperatures.

Using a powerful, portable air cleaning device equipped with medical grade HEPA filtration, a UVC bulb, and a high-powered blower can save your indoor environment.