Trion Industrial and Commercial Air Cleaners

Trion IAQ, based in Sanford, NC has dominated the the air cleaning industry since 1947.  Supplying the military, industrial manufacturing, commercial smoking/kitchen emission, and residential markets with high grade indoor air quality equipment at fair prices. Air filtration technologies Trion has perfected include electrostatic precipitation, cartridge dust collection, multi-pocket bag and pleated media, along with contaminant specific gas phase adsorption.

The applications Trion Air Cleaners fit are too numerous to thoroughly discuss. Please call 843.906.7302 and we can dive into your commercial or industrial project today! Some of the major markets include mist collection for automotive and aerospace industries, welding smoke removal for robotic and job shops, dust collection in furniture and textile production, and the growing necessity of odor and particle removal in restaurant emissions.

The Complete Trion Product line allows for dry particle removal from tobacco and welding smoke to Bondo dust, wood, metal grinding/polishing, rock and sand particles (M-Series), to even heavier production like laser die cutting using a Pulse Cleaning CA3000C or CA6000C. As far as wet processes, Trion equipment is often removing oil, synthetic, and water based coolant in enclosed CNC machines (Mini ME), open metal cutting with low and high pressure coolant, and flooding applications (T-Series). Other wet particle removal is found in food processing, coating of adhesives, paints and primers.

Gaseous contaminant removal tends to require the most research.  Having the MSDS for the specific gas allows for a clear understanding of the hazard. Flammability and severe health compromising contaminants pose the biggest hurdles.  Finding the density of the gas will dictate whether the capture point should be above or below where the gas is emitted. In 99% of gas removal project, particles must be removed first.  Unless the gas is within a cleanroom, particles will need to be trapped in a prefilter and then a tight 95% primary filter to ensure the pores of the activated carbon, potassium permanganate, or other gas phase media are not clogged.

Trion's line of customizable commercial and industrial air cleaners give plenty of options and techniques to remove harmful airborne contaminant.  Please give us a call to discuss your project  


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