Trion Air Boss T-5200 Electrostatic Air Cleaner

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 The Trion Air Boss T5200 is the top of the line T-Series heavy duty electrostatic industrial air cleaner boasting FOUR Electrostatic Collection Cells to maximize surface area and reduce cleaning intervals. Use multiple machines in your factory to create a racetrack pattern around the perimeter! The T5200 uses the same high quality Industrial Electrostatic Cells from the entire T-Series line. Keep extra cells on hand, and swap any T-Series Electrostatic Cells on the fly! The Trion Air Boss T5200 air cleaner fits numerous applications.  Use the Air Boss T5200 as a standalone electrostatic air cleaner to remove smoke, dust, or mist from any large room or duct to catch contaminant at the source.  To ensure ideal results, please call 843.906.7302. 

From an ambient, standalone style project, we want to determine the quantity of contaminant, rate it's being release, and duration.  From there, the cubic volume of air in the room will dictate the required airflow to yield the proper amount of air changes per hour. Having MSDS documents on hand always makes things easier to confirm your contaminant will be effectively removed.

Add a Source Capture Plenum to duct to a contaminant release point and upgrade to a 3 HP (3 Phase) or 5 HP (3 Phase) Motor to overcome static pressure.  Other options include a Drain Fitting Assembly for mist removal, Activated Carbon Module for gaseous contaminants, and a Double or Triple Pass Configuration for dense particle removal.


  • Solid State Power Supply
  • Spiked Ionizing Blades
  • Extra Depth Collector Cells
  • Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Motor
  • Electrical Component Box Mounted out of Air Stream
  • On/Off Switch and Power Supply Light
  • 76dBA Noise Level
  • Optional Multi-Purpose Plenum
  • Motor HP Options for Added Static Pressure

Standard Unit

Trion Air Boss T-5200 Industrial Electronic Air Cleaner/ Mist Collector: Four each 1" Aluminum Mesh Pre-filters, Four each Spiked Ionizer/Collector Cells, High Frequency Solid State Power Supply, 2HP TEFC Motor, 230V, 60HZ, 3PH.

Construction: 16ga. Galvanized steel cabinet, textured reverse hammer blue paint, belt driven blower with sealed ball bearings, side access ionizer/collector cell door and blower panel, power supply mounted out of air stream, liquid drain sump in cabinet, safety interlock switch, and operating light.