Airpura Air Purifiers

Airpura, founded in 2004, has become a worldwide powerhouse in the portable air cleaner market! With the addition of the Airpura Whole House -W line, now ALL Airpura machines can be outfitted with supply and return ducting collars for remote installation!  Several intuitive design features give Airpura leverage over the competition.
  • 1. OUR Favorite - Fully Variable Speed Control.  Instead of being restricted to High/Med/Low, Airpura offers a fully adjustable airflow dial tied to the 560 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) rated backward curved impeller. 
  • 2. Second, ALL Metal construction.  A lot of expensive air purifiers still use cheap plastic exteriors instead of powder coated mild steel. 
  • 3. Simple and intelligent design.  ALL Airpura Air Purifiers use the same cabinet design (23" Height x 15" Diameter) with the same fan.  Draw air 360 degrees from the cabinet exterior, and exhaust 360 degrees from the top 4".  No heavy drafts! The powerful UV sterilization lamp is the only cabinet variable. This has been a major advantage to some of our clients! Picture this - You have the T600DLX because your condo neighbor smokes. It does a fantastic job, but then your neighbor moves.  Instead of getting rid of your T600DLX, you give it to a family member struggling with seasonal allergies and simply buy the H600 filters! Literally change machines based on your current air quality issue!
  • Biggest bang for your buck!  We have reviewed and inspected several manufacturers complete lines of air purifiers.  When doing true apples to apples comparisons, look to the basics.  Instead of reading a "Square foot coverage" rating the manufacturer decides to print, find the Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) rating of the fan. This is the true rating of how fast we can clean the air!  Remember, we need to move the air much faster to clear tobacco smoke than reduce pet dander.  Therefore, coverage area ratings are subjective.  If you read "Activated carbon, Great for odors," find out how many pounds of activated carbon.  If this is not listed in pounds, most likely it is a mesh pad with carbon dust embedded into it.  Also, Airpura uses felt gaskets to seal between filters.  These last a long time!  Other manufacturers use rubber or Styrofoam that can break down or off-gas.