Trion Air Boss M2500 Media-Based Air Cleaner

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The Trion Air Boss M2500 is a tough light to medium duty industrial media based air cleaner.  The thick 4" prefilter removes large particles, followed by an 8-Pocket, 95% Primary Filter with 70 square feet of surface area to capture fine particles.  The 3/4 HP motor uses standard 120V power, and includes a 10' cord so installation is a breeze!  With 3 fan speeds to choose from, airflow and noise level will be match your environment.  The Trion Air Boss M2500 is a great choice for workshops in schools and universities! Auto repair, welding shops, woodworking and furniture craftsman also enjoy the ease of media based air cleaning.  Simply toss out the old loaded filters and replace with new ones!  Ideally, the inexpensive prefilter should be replaced roughly 4 times as often as the multi-pocket Primary Bag Filter.  If you have mainly large particles floating around your workspace, add the Wraparound Prefilter to increase the prefilter surface area, and reduce your consumable filter cost!

When weighing your options between media based and electrostatic air cleaning, there are a few important factors to consider.  First, is your contaminant an insulator? If you are collecting plastic, rubber, wood, etc (Dust); you will need to use media based.  Second, if you cannot or will not spend time cleaning metal collection cells, use media based.  If you are primarily concerned with gaseous contaminants, you will benefit from the guaranteed efficiency rates of media based air cleaners.  On the other hand, if smoke/dust/mist particles are your main concern, you want your on-going expense as low as possible, and cleaning aluminum filters and cells is an easy task; check out the T1300, T2600, and T5200.  


  • Direct Drive, Forward Curved – For maximum airflow and quiet operation.
  • 3-Speed Selector Switch – Set the airflow for your precise needs.
  • Open Inlet – Best for unobstructed ambient air filtration.
  • 3-Way Wrap Around Inlet – Minimizes maintenance and maximizes efficiency on lint and larger dust applications. (Optional)
  • 95% ASHRAE Filter – Filters fine ambient dust out of the air down to 95% @ 1 micron

Standard Unit

4" Pleated 30% Pre-filter; 95% 8-Pocket Bag Filter; 3/4HP Direct Drive Motor, Thermally Protected; 120V/60Hz/1Ph. 16ga. Galvanized steel cabinet; blue epoxy powder paint; direct drive blower; 4-way adjustable outlet louvers; 3-speed rotary switch; 10' power cord, 3-prong plug.

***Please Call 843.906.7302 to Customize YOUR Trion Air Boss M-Series System! Odor Modules, Drainage Systems, Plenums, and Silencers must be added at the factory.***

-Application must be discussed prior to shipment. Contaminant, configuration, airflow, and design must be confirmed to ensure proper results.