Airpura Smoke Muncher XL Deluxe T600DLX

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The Airpura Smoke Muncher XL Deluxe T600DLX is the superior version of the popular Smoke Muncher XL.  The Smoke Muncher name was originally coined by Rod Yarbrough of BPA Air Quality Solutions back in 2007 due to its massive 26 pound odor/gas phase module.  The Deluxe version blends potassium iodide to the coconut shell activated carbon to generate even better chemical and odor adsorption!! Since most residential Man Caves, She Sheds, Poker Rooms, and Study's are primarily concerned with odor control; the Smoke Muncher XL Deluxe T600DLX will remove the simple odors and the vast range of chemicals and volatile organic compounds. Adding a small exhaust fan to the smoking room will create a negative pressure and prevent seepage into other parts of the home.  When deciding on a smoking room, choose a smaller space with a single door (Well-sealed), and no HVAC returns (Intakes) in it. Nobody wants to disperse smoking odors to the rest of their home!  Since smoke rises, the wall mount bracket is the best way to capture smoke before it cools and settles.  If the room will not permit a wall mount bracket, using the Black - Flat Bottom option without wheels will allow you to place the machine on a tabletop, filing cabinet, or entertainment center. The Smoke Muncher XL Deluxe will also be an excellent fit for smaller VIP Rooms at Cigar Shops, Lounges, and Clubs especially if neighbors have a chemical sensitivity to smoke. The Airpura T600DLX carries the huge permanent split capacitor, backward curved motorized impeller fan (560 CFM) to handle larger rooms than any other portable air purifier on the market!

Technical Specifications:

  • Fully Variable Fan Setting - Up to 560 CFM
  • Ultra Quite Operation - 28.1db on low (at 6 feet); 62.3db on high (560 CFM); (Room level 25.1db) 
  • Prefilter - Specially Designed for Smoke - Tar Barrier Prefilter
  • True HEPA Barrier Filter
  • Gas/Odor/Chemical Control - 26 Pounds of coconut shell activated carbon blended with potassium iodide
  • Voltage - 115V
  • Watts - 120 Watts Maximum, variable to 40 Minimum
  • Size - 15” Dimeter, 23” Height (21” Flat Bottom Option)
  • Weight - 45 Pounds (Total)
  • Housing - Powder coat steel body, Four large caster wheels
  • ETL Certified - Conforms to ANSI/UL 507 CSA C22.2 no 113 CB, KC