Trion SE800E Commercial Smoke Eater w/ 3-Speed Wall Switch

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The Trion SE800E is the PERFECT choice to Eliminate Smoke in your large Club, Bingo Hall, VFW, Cigar Lounge, or designated smoking area.  If you are done spending money on replacement filters and want to clear the smoke quickly, the Trion SE800E is top-notch!  Simply clean the aluminum Prefilter and Electrostatic Collection Cell every 3-6 weeks (Depending on smoke levels).  Most electrostatic smoke eaters rely on the same principles - air passes through an Aluminum Mesh Prefilter (For large particles), Then fine particles are charged by Ionizing Wires, and collected on the surface of plates/fins in the Electrostatic Collection Cell. Now, the principles may be the same between manufacturers, but not all electrostatic commercial smoke eaters are created equal! Trust me, if you are tired of buying and replacing your broken Ionizing Wires in your Smoke Master, try TRION!  Trion also includes a 3-Speed Wall Controls Switch with EVERY machine!  At this rock-bottom price, you get more Dollar-per-CFM than any other manufacturer. 90% of smoke eater projects require more than one unit.  And let's face it, isn't it better to have more smoke eaters (Capture points), with more Collection Cells (Increase time between cleanings) than just one large, expensive, loud air cleaner!?! 


  • ARC Suppression Power Supply: Reduces annoying snapping noise and extends life of power supply.
  • Low Profile Design: Provides appealing unit with no elaborate ductwork or installation.
  • Fits in a ceiling panel or surface mounts.
  • Removes up to 95% of tobacco smoke, dust, pollen, lint, bacteria and mold spores.
  • Recirculates Clean Indoor Air: No expense to reheat or cool air, as required with exhaust fans.
  • Service Indicator Light: Indicated when unit is due for cleaning or when there is a power supply failure.
  • Hinged Access Doors: Easy to maintain and remove filters.
  • Can be flush, surface, or wall mounted if desired.