Trion Air Boss T-1001 Electrostatic Air Cleaner (No Blower)

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The Trion Air Boss T-Series mates high quality, industrial electrostatic precipitation with hundreds of application possibilities! The Trion Air Boss T-1001 has one Aluminum Mesh Prefilter and one Electrostatic Collection Cell (Forever Filter).  This building block powerhouse must be installed inline with ductwork and a blower (Not Supplied).  This is where the fun begins - Add the Trion Air Boss T-1001, T-2002, T-4002, T-8002 to ductwork carrying anywhere from 600 CFM up to 12,800 CFM!  The possibilities are endless... We've used the Trion Air Boss T-Series in Casinos, Concert Venues, Night Club, and Cigar Lounges tied into HVAC systems for Tobacco Smoke.  The Trion Air Boss T-Series is an excellent addition for HVAC systems in Machine Shops, Warehouses, Storage Centers, Welding Shops, Job Shops, Auto Repair, Schools, and Universities to keep the HVAC coils clean. The Trion Air Boss T-Series can be your primary dust collector/smoke eliminator/mist collector too. Route duct drops to individual workstations and capture contaminant prior to it reaching the operators breathing zone.

***Please Call 843.906.7302 to Customize YOUR Trion Air Boss T-Series System! Odor Modules, Drainage Systems, and wiring to connect multiple units must be added at the factory.***

-Application must be discussed prior to shipment. Contaminant, configuration, airflow, and design must be confirmed to ensure proper results. 

Standard Unit: 

Trion Air Boss T-1001 Industrial Air Cleaner/Mist Collector: 1" Aluminum Mesh Prefilter, Spiked Ionizer/Collector Cell, High Frequency Solid State Power Supply, Blowerless Module. 16ga. Galvanized steel cabinet; textured reverse hammer blue paint, side access ionizer/collector cell door, power supply mounted out of air stream, liquid drain sump in cabinet, safety interlock switch, ON/OFF switch and H.V. operating light. Fused disconnect not included.